Thanks for allowing us to capture your wedding day for you. In order to get us going and on the same page, we need certain information about the wedding day. 

Please take the time to complete the wedding questionnaire below. Please fill out all applicable questions (even if we have already discussed some of them). 

1. Are you working with a wedding planner? Name/number of the primary contact person during the wedding?
2. Have you prepared a timeline for the day? Please email me the timeline.
Bride Questions
3. Bride First Name:
4. Bride Last Name:
5. Bride Last Name after wedding:
6. Would you like us to photograph you getting ready?
7. Time and location of Bridal Preparation?
8. How far is/are the pre-wedding location(s) from the ceremony site?
9. Will there be any exchange of gifts between you and your partner prior to the ceremony?
10. Are there any important details you would like to make sure are shot before the ceremony?
11. Would you be doing a first look?
12. If yes, location of first look?
Groom Questions
13. Groom First Name
14. Groom Last Name
15. Would you like us to photograph the groom getting ready?
16. Time and location of Groom preparation?
17. Do you want family formals taken before or after the ceremony?
18. Do you want the bridal party photos taken before or after the ceremony?
19. Is the ceremony indoor or outdoor?
20. Name and Address of ceremony venue:
21. What time does your ceremony start?
22. How long will your ceremony be?
23. Are there any details of the ceremony we should be aware of? Receiving line, bubbles, bird seed?
24. Are there any rules or notes regarding the ceremony? Religious, cultural?
25. Name and Address of reception venue
26. What time will cocktail hour start?
27. What time will the reception start?
28. Will there be anything different about your entrance? (Choreographed, for machines.. etc)
29. Will you be having sit down dinner, buffet style, hors d’oeuvres?
30. Any special traditions taking place during the reception?
31. Will there be a bouquet or garter toss?
32. Will the photographer be provided a meal?
Bridal Party
33. How many bridesmaids?
34. How many groomsmen?
35. Any ring bearers, flower-girls or junior brides?
36. Photographer Arrival Time:
37. Photographer Departure Time:
Please enter any other information you feel we need to know: